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Drop your ‘mystery seed packets’ at your local Extension officeWHNT News 19

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama Cooperative Extension System partnered with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (ADAI) to help collect unsolicited seed packages being sent to Alabama residents from China.

Officials say the packages often indicate that they contain jewelry rather than seeds.

ADAI field inspectors say they are currently collecting these seed packages to test their contents for unknown compounds, noxious weed seed, and invasive species.

Gary Lemme, Alabama Extension director, said each county Extension office will serve as a drop off point for residents who may have received these mystery packages containing seeds.

“This partnership will allow inspectors at ADAI to process the seed samples more quickly,” Lemme said. “Alabama Extension is proud to take part in this process to continue serving Alabama residents.”

Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries Rick Pate said, “We appreciate Extension’s offer to assist our department by providing a designated drop off point in each county. We will continue to collect packages as along as we receive reports that they are being delivered to Alabama citizens.”

How to Drop Off Seeds

  • Do not open the package containing the seeds or plant the seeds if you received them.
  • Deliver these packages to the county Extension office nearest you. Find the address and contact information to county offices in the Alabama Extension directory at www.aces.edu/directory.
  • When you deliver the package, professionals at that office will assist in filling out the ADAI Unsolicited Seed Package Report. (www.agi.alabama.gov/reportseeds).

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