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Huntsville Iceplex gets new name and new bar

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville Iceplex, officially known as the Benton H. Wilcoxon Municipal Ice Complex is getting a fresh new name and logo, while the facility continues to undergo extensive renovations. The Board of the Hunstville Iceplex voted Wednesday evening to rename the rink the Huntsville Ice Sports Center.

“As we move into the new facility it’s basically a new home, and myself and my other senior managers thought this would be the perfect time to kind of give it a fresh name and look,” said Steve Clough, Senior Facility Manager of the Huntsville Ice Sports Center.

Clough said the sports center will still legally be named after Benton H. Wilcoxon, and a proposal is in place to honor the man who brought ice skating to Huntsville in 1959 by erecting a statue of his likeness outside of the center.

“As we grow as a facility we thought it was more inclusive of sports,” said Clough.

Meanwhile, upgrades to the skating center are continuing. Hockey players and skaters will soon be able to enjoy a new 85 seat bar called The Tavern.

“You know with our plan, there’s actually going to be able to, on the rink one side, be an outdoor balcony, so you can actually be out in the rink having a glass of beer or wine,” said Clough.

Other upgrades to the facility include new ticket windows, an extended mezzanine, a improved exterior look, new rubber flooring and new walling.

The Huntsville Ice Sports Center is scheduled to reopen in early November.

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