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Battle of The Bands free outdoor concert happening Saturday in New Market

NEW MARKET, Ala. – Live music hasn’t been easily accessed in months. But happening this Saturday, you will have the chance to rock out at an outdoor music event — for free.

The event is taking place at Leigh Acres.

The event is called Battle of the Bands, an outside live music event free to the general public! Come out and listen to local bands face off to see who will be opening in September from Nashville based Badland Sons and local Remy Neal. Winner will also receive a cash prize!

There will be vendors such as Get Loaded and Nanny’s Old Fashion Lemonade to keep you rocking out.

The Market will open at 3 p.m., and Music will start at 4 p.m., so you can come out for some shopping before the music!

Entry is free, just a $5 parking fee and a $10 dollar cooler fee if wanting to bring in outside food and drinks.

Bringing art to the community after so much time without– is something that makes those involved really excited.

“Science and engineering and technology are really important but a lot of those breakthroughs that we have are inspired by works of art or maybe a great experience with your friends. I feel like that’s the whole point. That is the whole point of being human or else we could have robots do everything,” says artist R.C. Hagans.

Hagans, along with another local artist, has spent weeks working on preparing the property and making each building unique and colorful. It is something that is hard to describe. You will just have to go out and see it.

Masks are required except when you are stationary, social distancing will be enforced and temperature checks will be done at the gate in order to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

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