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Huntsville Housing Authority covering childcare expenses for residents

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The CARES Act allowed HUD to designate money to cover COVID-19 related impacts for public housing authorities across the country. The Huntsville Housing Authority is using some of that money to help parents who have kids learning remotely.

As parents head back to work, they may be looking for places to watch their children. For public housing residents who have a job, they can simply call their property manager to get the process started.

The Huntsville Housing Authority can cover childcare expenses likely through October and potentially beyond depending on how school districts in Madison County remain remote.

Applicants must prove they are working and simply have to show they sign their children into a care provider. The housing authority will take care of the rest.

“I know that our residents and everyone, in general, is going through difficult times. So we are very excited we have these funds available because typically this isn’t a service we can pay for our residents,” said Quisha Riche, the Deputy Executive Director of the Huntsville Housing Authority.

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