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Lincoln County Schools gives parents chance to switch from virtual to in-school learning

LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. – Lincoln County Schools is giving parents who chose virtual learning for their children until Aug. 28 to change their mind.

Lincoln County Director of Schools Bill Heath said in a message Friday afternoon that parents have the option now to change over to in-school instruction.

“This change involves students and parents who originally chose to be virtual and now discovered maybe it’s more difficult or there are more issues with technology than they could handle at home, or any reason, honestly,” Heath said in a message posted online.

The original plan was for people to choose virtual or in-person learning for the first nine weeks of school, and then they could change their method if they wanted.

Parents who want to change to in-person learning should contact their school principal, Heath said.

“This is one of those adjustments that we feel is best for everyone involved,” he said.

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