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ADPH releases updated toolkit for schools

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Now that most school systems in the state of Alabama are back to class (virtually or in person), the Alabama Department of Public Health felt it necessary to clarify the toolkit distributed to school systems.

Quarantine and isolation were a major focus of Monday’s news conference in which they released the updated toolkit. The ADPH wanted to make sure everyone understands that anyone who is in contact with a COVID-positive person must quarantine for 14 days. Dr. Karen Landers with ADPH said there is no way to “test out of quarantine.” They have been exposed and must stay in quarantine until the incubation period of 14 days passes.

They emphasized that, as students return to class, school systems must try to figure out how to follow all three safety measures of wearing a mask, social distancing and washing hands. Slacking on one aspect of those three measures leads to a much higher close-contact rate.

Read the entire updated Toolkit for schools here.

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