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Lexington mayor says town will benefit from alcohol sales

LEXINGTON, Ala. — Voters in Lexington made history Tuesday when they voted in favor of allowing alcohol sales in the town limits for the first time. Although, Mayor Sandra Burroughs said this wasn’t the first time alcohol sales were on the ballot.

“It was brought up four years ago when myself and four of our council members were first on the ballot to be elected,” Mayor Burroughs said. “It came before the vote then and it was defeated by twenty-three votes.”

Years later, Mayor Burroughs said the idea was brought up in council meetings to vote on it again. After discussing the vote with other municipalities, the town council learned of the tax revenue alcohol sales would bring in.

“The difference in what we’re going to be collecting now as opposed to losing to just across the state line is going to be phenomenal,” the mayor said.

The mayor said tax revenue will be used to create more facilities, some for recreation and another for public safety.

“We want to look at doing a storm shelter for the community,” Mayor Burroughs said. “Right now, we only have a bank basement at the Bank Independent location that we rely on for a storm shelter. In addition to that we want to look at doing some community centers, recreation centers, increasing the facilities in our local ballfields, and also put that money into recruiting for industry and retail businesses in town.”

The Lexington Town Council will meet on Tuesday with the ABC Board to learn what the next steps are before alcohol sales begin.

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