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Local organization seeks community support to repair veteran’s home in Florence

FLORENCE, Ala. – Asking for help is oftentimes difficult for some people. That proved to be the case for a veteran in Florence.

Hearts for Homeless, a group that offers help to community members in need, received a call about a local resident that needed an air conditioner. That resident was Vietnam veteran Cleatus Higginbotham. But when the group went to deliver the unit, they found the home in disrepair.

Higginbotham struggles with arthritis in his knees and hips, so home repairs were too difficult for him to do. When asked why he hadn’t asked for help sooner, Higginbotham said he didn’t think anyone would help him.

“It’s going to be a task. But we’re going to get it done,” said Angie McElyea, Hearts for Homeless co-founder. “We want him to have a safe place to lay his head at night. He fought for our country and help keep us free.”

The group is calling on the community to help fix Higginbotham’s home.

“We need monetary donations, supplies,” McElyea said. “We have a list on our Facebook group of different supplies that our contractor told us that we needed to get the job done.”

The project could take several months, but thanks to one of the members, he will have a safe place to stay while the home is transformed

“I’m really thankful. I may not look it, but I am,” Higginbotham said. “They’re helping me. You couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people.”

To connect with the group, visit their Facebook page.

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