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Major internet outage: Dozens of websites and apps are down

(CNN) — Cloudflare, an internet service that is supposed to keep websites up and running, was down itself Sunday, taking dozens of websites and online services along with it.

Hulu, the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Feedly, Discord, and dozens of other services reported connectivity problems Sunday morning. Cloudflare said the problem was with a third-party “transit provider,” and its service was becoming increasingly stable over the course of the day.

“Today we saw a widespread Internet outage online that impacted multiple providers,” said Laurel Toney, spokeswoman for Cloudflare. “Cloudflare’s automated systems detected the problem and routed around them, but the extent of the problem required manual intervention as well.”

Toney claimed that internet service provider CenturyLink and backbone service Level 3 were responsible the outage, which took Cloudflare and its many customers down with them.

DownDetector, which displays reports of internet and service outages, showed that reports of internet connectivity came in across the United States and Europe Sunday morning.

Services like Cloudflare are designed to prevent direct denial of service attacks, in which massive networks of computers send malicious traffic to websites to take them offline. The services also help keep sites running smoothly when traffic spikes during shopping seasons or when a site hosts a viral video.

Cloudflare did not respond to a request for comment.

This is a developing story. It will be updated.

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