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Scottsboro movie theater reopens with COVID-19 safety measures

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – More and more entertainment businesses are opening back up amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hollywood 10 Cinema in Scottsboro reopened last Friday, but the general manager said business was slow.

She hopes for a better turnout this weekend so they can stay in business. 

“If we don’t see more business, I don’t know how long we can hang on,” said general manager Amanda Heard. 

Heard tells News 19 that all of the employees were let go when it closed almost six months ago. 

“It was awful. We’re like a family here, so if you can imagine not seeing your family for six months. That’s about how it was. Some of those kids are working here to help support their parents because they have to and so when we had to let the kids go, it was hard on the owner to let us go but it was equally hard on the kids because there was nowhere for them to go to be together, or make money and being unemployed is stressful as is,” explained Heard. 

Heard said she is excited to be back open and are doing what they can to keep it that way. 

They’re increasing cleaning practices and requiring employees to wear masks and gloves, take their temperature on arrival and take symptom questionnaires.

“When you take cash, you go change your gloves and put on new set of gloves. The theater doors are propped open before movie starts and closed once the movie starts to keep people from having to handle the doors so much. All the door handles in bathrooms are sanitized once every hour. Each theater is thoroughly cleaned at night and sanitized and we do a deep sanitizing on each theater once a week,” said Heard. 

Employees must also have their temperature checked and fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire before clocking in. 

Masks are required in the lobby and hallways, but customers can take them off once they get to their seat. 

Theaters are also running at 50% capacity. 

Heard told News 19 that in her opinion, coming to the movies is just as safe as going to a restaurant or out to the grocery store.  

Some of the movies playing here had been released to streaming services during the pandemic, while others are brand new releases only for theaters. 

Click here for more information about movies playing at Hollywood 10 Cinema. 

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