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Kiosks in Lauderdale County allow drivers to print renewal decals without driving to Florence

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. — When you live out in the county, it’s no secret that convenient stores provide an important service when you’re unable to drive into town.

That convenience is becoming even more of a benefit at the Haddock’s Quick Stop and Deli in Central.

Lauderdale County License Commissioner Rodney Pettus has announced an alternative for renewing vehicle tags without having to drive to Florence.

“It’s a kiosk to where if a customer has a license for their vehicle, a renewal, they’re able to come here into Haddock’s or into the Town of Rogersville and they’re able to print out their decal on the spot,” Pettus said.

The Rogersville kiosk is located inside town hall. There was a similar system introduced there years ago but Pettus said this is a step up.

“The original kiosk that we had was basically just a glorified computer,” Pettus said. “What it did is, it just sent the information to us at the office and we mailed your decal to you.”

With the new kiosk, Pettus said you simply scan your renewal notice, driver license, or manually enter the tag number, pay with a credit or debit card, and print out the decal for immediate use.

In Central, there’s an economic impact. The new kiosk doesn’t just benefit those wanting to renew their tags, it also brings more customers inside Haddock’s Quick Stop and Deli.

“It’ll increase foot traffic that normally would have to go to town, spending money on gas, so, they can come here and save their time and their money and use it buying drinks and burgers if they want to,” Haddock’s owner Kelly Crotts said.

Pettus said Lauderdale County is the first county in the state to utilize the kiosks outside of a license commissioner’s office.

The kiosks are available during the business hours of each respective location. For western Lauderdale County, that means the kiosk in Central can be used until 9 p.m. each night.

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