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TSA expecting just shy of 1 million passengers to fly during Labor Day holiday

TSA administrators expect Friday to be the top travel day of the year, with more than 900,000 passengers – the highest number they’ve had since the pandemic.

That’s more than the 750,000 passengers they saw on the Fourth of July weekend. TSA Administrator David Pekoske says he thinks more Americans feel safer getting on a plane.

He also said airports, carriers, and the TSA have provided protective measures to keep people safe.
and there’s more to come – like new technology and contactless ID scanners.

More Americans are also expected to be on the roads this weekend. Transportation officials are warning travelers to keep COVID-19 in mind by social distancing, wearing a mask, and practicing proper hygiene.

Starting at noon Friday, the Alabama Department of Transportation says there will be no temporary lane closures on interstates across the state through midnight Monday.

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