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Town Madison construction still underway, Margaritaville still expected

MADISON, Ala. — Town Madison, a 563-acre modern, urban community broke ground in 2014 and is still an active project.

Toyota Field, Margaritaville, restaurants, hotels, and housing are all expected to fill up the Town Madison community.

“We’ve got 5 or 6 different construction sites that are under construction with about 7 or 8 food and beverage concepts,” said Joey Ceci, the spokesperson for Breland Companies. “We are finishing up two hotels, we are getting ready to start on a third hotel.”

To say the least, the construction site is active and Ceci says construction never stopped, but businesses paused due to the pandemic.

“Some of the tenants obviously took a little bit of a pause at the beginning of it,” he said. “But they’ve all kind of come back and said ‘Look, we see this is probably going to be over here, hopefully in the new year, and we want to go ahead and get building now so we will be ready when that happens.’”

Margaritaville was billed as one of the main attractions and was supposed to be open by the 2020 holiday season. While some speculate it may no longer be coming, Ceci says it’s still in the works.

“Both with Margaritaville and with the 200-room Marriott that we’ve also announced… those are projects that are coming,” said Ceci. “We have had lots of conversations with them, but due to forces beyond their control during a pandemic… national partners and franchise agreements and such… they’ve had to put a pause on that.”

Ceci says everyone is still moving forward with bringing them here, and adds that they have finished site work and are working on getting utilities to the sites right now.

But until then, food and beverage concepts, as well as shop spaces are expected to open in the next year.

Ceci says some businesses have even redesigned their layout to better serve future customers.

“To maybe incorporate some more of the curbside service and accommodate some of the meal delivery that they haven’t done in the past, that kind of is something they are going to embrace both through the rest of the pandemic and beyond,” he said.

Ceci also added that the first restaurant expected to open is a chef-driven Italian restaurant, whose name has yet to be announced. That is expected to open by early spring of 2021.

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