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Asbury High School School Resource Officer presents new trauma bags

ASBURY, Ala. – Health and safety stay on the minds of educators and the school resources officer at Asbury High School. 

They worked hard to get donations to buy five new fully stocked trauma bags for the school in case of a major emergency situation. 

School Resource Officer Hester Hollis showcased the school’s newest safety gear Thursday morning. 

“It’s better to have them and not need them as to need them and not have them,” said Hollis. 

Hollis said the kits can help when students, teachers, and staff injured during events like active shooter situations, nearby bus crashes, and even natural disasters like tornadoes. 

He told News 19 that Asbury High School is the first and only in the system to have these. 

“We will stage these throughout the school where they’re accessible by an adult only, to where they will be taken to the where the injured person is and we can treat on the spot,” explained Hollis. 

“It’s so important we’re prepared and even over prepared for anything that may happen,” said Asbury High School principal Clay Webber. 

Weber told News 19 it takes about 25 minutes for first responders to get the high school, so the bags could potentially save lives. 

“We’re fortunate that we have Officer Hollis, we have our Head Nurse, Nurse Brooke, who is here on campus as well, so with the supplies in these trauma kits, that greatly increases our response time here on campus. Every second counts in an emergency and so if that saves one or two people ‘s lives before the ambulance and first responders can get here, then that’s worth it all,” explained Webber. 

Hollis was able to get a deal on the bags: five for $150 each. 

He hopes to raise another $4,500 to stock up every school in the district. 

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