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COVID-19 is ‘life-threatening disease in people of all ages,’ researchers warn

DALLAS (NEXSTAR) — While many have questioned COVID-19’s impact on young people, a new study of hospital patients shows the virus can create major health challenges for people of all ages.

According to research from Harvard that tracked hospitalizations of people ages 18-34, roughly 3 percent of the 3,200 patients followed died. One in 10 needed a ventilator and one in 5 required intensive care, according to the study.

An additional 3 percent of people had to be transferred elsewhere for ongoing care or rehabilitation.

Speaking about the study, Dr. Mitchell Katz, a deputy editor at JAMA Internal Medicine, said the research reveals “COVID-19 is a life-threatening disease in people of all ages.”

It’s worth noting about 60 percent of the young patients hospitalized were Black or Hispanic and a similar percentage were men.

Of those hospitalized, more than one third were obese and about a quarter were considered extremely obese. Additionally, many of the patients suffered from hypertension or diabetes.

Though the research shows young people aren’t immune to the virus, Dr. Scott D. Solomon, says the percentage of young people who require hospitalization is pretty low.

“It’s not a huge number compared to those getting infected — but a finite number are going to have serious consequences of this disease,” Solomon said.

You can see much more about the study and research letter here.

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