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Father grateful to Alabama officer for saving son’s life during seizure

HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A week after a life-saving act by a police officer in Hartselle, Alabama, one father is still emotional.

It’s been 10 years since Mike Bullard’s son Bryan suffered a seizure that left him unable to speak. They communicate using a notepad. Mike asks the questions and Bryan writes back.

The father and son work together at a body shop in Hartselle. Mike said after a few years seizure-free, both he and Bryan let their guards down. Then, last Friday, it happened again.

“It got close to quitting time, right about 5 o’clock and he thought he’d go on to the car and wait on me and it didn’t take me 3 minutes to get ready to go,” Mike said.

“I looked over there and he was lying in the parking lot,” he said.

Bryan had a severe head wound. When Mike saw the blood, he lost control.

“It sent me into panic mode, so I got over to him as quick as I could.”

Mike was calling for someone to call 911. Hartselle Fire Department, EMT’s and one police officer came to Brian’s aid as well. EMT’s couldn’t get Brian under control to insert an IV filled with sedatives before transporting him to the hospital.

“I saw them throw that IV over to the police officer, and I thought, ‘Why are they giving this officer an IV when they’re the EMTs?’”

That officer is Patrick Niles. Niles was on his way back to the police department to end his shift when he saw what was unfolding.

“I’ve spent my whole life helping people and its hard for me to just drive by and not see if I can help,” Niles said.

Niles is a police officer, an EMT and a member of the National Guard.

“You know, in my opinion, he saved Brian’s life,” an emotional Mike said.

Mike has avoided looking at the blood-stained pavement for a week now.

“When you see your son lying there and there’s nothing you can do except control the blood,” Mike said. “One of the things that got me, is he just kept saying, ‘Come on buddy, we’ve got you, buddy. Come, on we’ve got you.’”

Niles kept his promise. Bryan is okay and has even returned to work.

“I’d say he’s 90% back to where he was before,” Mike said.

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