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‘No Kill Huntsville’ creating pet owner resource guide

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — No Kill Huntsville is creating a resource guide for pet owners to find help in taking care of their pets.

The pandemic has caused people to lose jobs and money, causing more to need assistance. This includes with pet care.

The spokesperson for No Kill Huntsville, Aubrie Kavanaugh, says the guide is meant for pet parents seeking help, to help them avoid surrendering their animal to a shelter.

“The whole idea is we want to keep pets in existing homes where they belong, help people overcome short-term problems, and keep them out of shelters, because I think that people think that animals are in shelters because of animal problems,” said Kavanaugh. “There in there because of people problems.”

The advocacy group wants to help with those problems.

The resource guide is being put together right now, and needs groups to participate.

If you are involved in a shelter, non-profit, or business associated with animals or pet care and would like to offer your assistance to pet owners in need, Kavanaugh is asking for you to fill out a survey on their website.

No Kill Huntsville is aware that there are resources in our community to help keep pets in existing homes and keep them out of municipal animal shelters where they may be at risk. We know a lot of rescue groups and non-profits can provide limited help – a fact which is known to very few pet caregivers in the community. We are aware of pet food distribution by Manna House and the King’s Community Kitchen at the Greater Huntsville Humane Society.

Our goal is to prepare the resources guide and share it with participating organizations. We will also make it available on our website and will share it with Huntsville Animal Services as a tool to use in pet retention counseling.

No Kill Huntsville

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