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Alcohol review committee formed to address Rainsville alcohol sales applications

RAINSVILLE, Ala. – The legalization of alcohol sales in Rainsville is officially a registered ordinance, but different businesses have not been able to start selling it just yet. 

Applications can be filed starting Oct. 1, 2020 and those will have to be reviewed. 

“We have a committee meeting. It’ll be an alcohol review committee, and that committee will review all the applications that come in. There’s quite a few steps those applications have to go through. the police chief has to look at the building, the fire chief has to look at the building. The building inspector has to be involved,” said Rainsville Mayor Roger Lingerfelt. 

Lingerfelt told News 19 that any business can apply for a license, including grocery stores, service stations, and restaurants. 

City leaders are still in the early stages of figuring out just how to spend all of the money from alcohol sales. While there’s nothing concrete yet, they do have some ideas. 

“We had talked about doing a percentage to the school, a percentage to the sports complex, a percentage to the police and the fire and then the bigger percentage of that was going to be road maintenance and bridges because everybody, whether you buy alcohol or sell alcohol, or whatever, everybody uses the roads and bridges,” explained Lingerfelt. 

That is something the city council will vote on once the new members take office in November. 

Lingerfelt said they are trying to stay positive about the future and how the new alcohol sales relate to the small-town way of life. 

“From talking to other municipalities that has went through this process, they tell me that their call ratio has not went way up. Hopefully, we don’t have that many more calls. Hopefully, some of the things like DUIs and stuff goes down like some other cities have,” said Lingerfelt. 

Click here to read the full 19-page ordinance. 

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