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Google releases resource map for those seeking support with recovery

There is a new resource from Google to help people in recovery or looking for treatment. Google released a map to make it easier for people to find online and in-person support organizations for recovery in their area.

As part of National Recovery Month and ongoing efforts to help combat the opioid crisis, Google is expanding the RecoverTogether initiative with many new tools and features to support the 23 million Americans in recovery and the 20 million more Americans who need treatment to reclaim their lives from addiction.

Google’s Recover Together site launched a new map to make it simpler for people in recovery to find local support organizations anywhere in the U.S.

Enter in a zip code, and the map will display a variety of support group chapter websites, hotlines and other resources. Due to COVID, the map has both in-person locations and virtual recovery support meetings. The Recovery Resource Map has, covering ZIP codes in every state and territory, local websites and phone numbers that show recovery meeting information(including AA, NA, Al-Anon, SmartRecovery, etc).

The Recovery Resource Map is a tool for the millions of Americans in recovery and who need treatment; it’s also a resource for their friends and family who are searching for how to provide support.

People come to Google every day to seek information on addiction and recovery:  Google searches for “how to get clean” reached an all-time high in June, and “how to get sober” surged in June and then again in August. In the past 30 days, searches for “rehab near me” hit their second-highest peak in recorded history.

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