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Lowe Mill artist creates epic Warlord for charity

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – An artist at Huntsville’s Lowe Mill Arts&Entertainment is working on an impressive piece of art for charity.

The artist, Clay Williams, is creating a Warlord Titan will be part of the Fall Raffle Schedule hosted by the Nova Open Charitable Foundation.

This foundation assists the Tabletop Wargaming Community in raising funds for charitable causes such as Doctors Without Borders.

Williams says the Warlord took him around 800 hours to assemble and paint.

“I was approached by the Nova Charitable Foundation in December of last year. They asked me if I wanted to participate in work on a Warlord. Being familiar with what it was…I knew it was going to be a pretty large task. The name is actually -three Latin words- which is Doctors Without Borders in Latin,” said Clay Williams.

Williams is the owner of M3 Studios located in Lowe Mill.

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