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Huntsville Police host National Night Out to strengthen relationship with community

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- National Night Out, hosted by the Huntsville Police Department in partnership with the Huntsville Community Watch is held to strengthen relationships between neighbors and law enforcement.

“It’s a great time for family and friends to come out and see the Police Department in a good atmosphere,” says Huntsville Police Lt. Jesse Sumlin.

Local law enforcement agencies and first responders joined community members for National Night Out held at John Hunt Park, socially distanced of course.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to meet the community and to get to know our people other than through being on a call,” says Madison County Sheriff Kevin Turner.

Turner says he recognizes that across the country, many might have a negative attitude towards law enforcement and says events like National Night out help bridge the gap.

“It gives us the opportunity to let the community know that while we are here not only to go out and effect arrests and do our jobs but to actually serve the community. When you serve the community you build a rapport with the community to let them know we’re there for them when they need us,” says Sheriff Turner.

The night was accompanied by an outdoor concert, food trucks, vendors, and kid’s activities. Different agencies set up tables and interactive areas at service vehicles for the public to come learn and ask questions about the everyday duties of law enforcement.

“I’m married to a police officer. I think its very important that the community comes together. The community can talk to them and ask questions,” says Jessica Nordan.

National Night Out is usually held in August but was rescheduled for October due to the pandemic.
The goal of national night out is to make communities safer, more caring places to live.

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