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Future of Colonial Promenade Madison unknown

MADISON, Ala. — The grand opening for a new Publix in Madison took place on Wednesday, but with one location opening, another one closed in the same area on Tuesday.

This adds another vacant storefront at Colonial Promenade Madison. With at least ten vacancies at the strip mall, the future of the plaza in unknown.

News 19 reached out to the City of Madison to find out what plans are in place for the strip mall. Samantha Magnuson with the City said they have not heard of any plans, and called it a “time will tell” situation. She added that the city is always looking for smart economic development opportunities.

News 19 then reached out to the Madison Chamber of Commerce, who led us to Josh Johnson, the Economic Development Director for the city. He took our message, but as of Wednesday night, News 19 still has no future plan for the Promenade.

Colonial Promenade Madison was built in 2001, and with 15.27 acres, the Madison County Tax Assessor values the land and buildings at $7.8 million.

So the Promenade is a pretty valuable piece of property, it just needs some more storefront to make it more lively and bring foot traffic to the current stores.

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