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Delta Moves Inland Friday – Severe Storms Possible Here Saturday

As Delta moves inland Friday, moisture increases north to our area bring strong to severe storms Saturday. Remember these are feeder bands around tropical systems. Any storms within these bands can produce a tornado during the afternoon hours. Remember the nature of a tropical storm:

  • Heavy Rain Then It Will Stop
  • The Sun Could Peek Through
  • Rain Squalls With Winds To 40 mph
  • Possible Tornado

Storm Prediction Center has outlined an area of possible severe storms Saturday.

Timeline For Storms: Saturday Afternoon & Evening For the Tennessee Valley

Here is a look at the timeline. **NOTE: Arrows don’t represent where tornadoes will form. Arrows indicate what to look for when tracking stronger storms on Saturday. Those individual storms rotating around Delta could produce a tornado. With north Alabama being on the right side, the risk is there.

Saturday Afternoon: 1pm

Delta moves inland. Feeder bands on the right side produce very heavy rain and gust winds up to 40 mph. **NOTE: Arrows don’t represent where tornadoes will form. Arrows indicate what to look for when tracking stronger storms on Saturday. There will be a line of stronger storms across the Shoals earlier in the period then moving east after that. **Recall Hurricane Laura, we have a similar track and similar scenario. We had a tornado warning in the Shoals earlier in the day and the rest of the area in the afternoon.

Saturday Afternoon: 4pm

More feeder bands raps around Delta. During the afternoon, the atmosphere will have more energy to work with. Storms have a chance to sustain themselves. Again, be on the look out for individual storms within the bands. Those are the ones that COULD produce a tornado (Arrows). This is a model and gives us an idea on where stronger storms could be.

Saturday Afternoon: 6pm

Severe weather chances move east. The center of Delta is still to the west. We’ll have to watch the Shoals again if more storms move in from Mississippi around what’s left of Delta. 

Sunday Morning: 9am

Severe weather chances are lower in the morning. Showers and storms are still possible. Delta is still in the area keeping us unsettled through the first part of Sunday.

Summary: Make sure everyone pays attention to the weather on Saturday. Tornado warnings are possible at anytime Saturday afternoon into the evening across all of the Tennessee Valley. Have multiple ways to get warnings including Live Alert 19. 

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