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Huntsville Hospital offering sentinel testing to employees

Striving to make workplaces safer – that’s what Huntsville Hospital representatives say they’re doing.

The hospital system is offering COVID-19 ‘sentinel testing’ to employees.

Sentinel testing, where a percentage of the population is tested regularly and randomly, has been used in group settings such as colleges.

It’s to identify people who are infected with the virus before they become symptomatic.

The Huntsville Hospital Health System and Kailos Genetics, a HudsonAlpha resident company, are teaming up to offer the testing.

Huntsville Hospital representatives say the testing is offered to employees at a low cost and is a non-invasive process.

The sample is collected by using a mouth wash – the solution is swished and gargled.

This testing is not for those who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have known exposure – those people are encouraged to get tested at the Fever and Flu Clinic on Governors Drive.

According to a Huntsville Hospital press release, Kailos is authorized to provide testing.

They requested and received Emergency Use Authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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