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Homeowner outraged after road crews litter her lawn with asphalt

ATHENS, Ala. — A homeowner in Athens is outraged after she said Limestone County road crews doing maintenance work, coated part of her front yard with discarded concrete, and left without cleaning it up.

“It was too big and too thick for a rake so I had to take a bucket and just kind of scoop it up in the bucket with my hand and then haul it off and then come back and start over. I worked from about 1:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. cleaning up about a 25-foot span,” said the homeowner, Kay Moran.

Moran said it happened on Monday after road crews began digging up Tillman Mill Road outside her home. A large brush machine followed the crews and flung asphalt into her yard. Moran says they left without cleaning up the debris.

Moran claims a disproportionate amount of damage was done to her yard, compared to others along the street and a neighbor who wished to remain anonymous told News 19 he agreed.

On Tuesday, Moran approached the road crews and asked them to clean up the mess. Moran says a heated crew member got within inches of her face, without wearing a mask, and told her to contact her county commissioner.

Moran filed a police report, and reached out to her Limestone County Commissioner, Ben Harrison and the county’s engineer.

Moran says she’s already cleaned up what she could, but says plenty of fragments are still littered across her yard which would be capable of destroying a lawnmower.

News 19 followed up with Limestone County Engineer Marc Massey who emailed the following statement: “I met with Mrs. Moran today and allowed her to voice her concerns about the issue. I was not present during the project, but I have spoken with our paving crew superintendent and we will work to get the large material removed from her yard before we leave.”

Moran said she filed a complaint with the Alabama Ethics Commission and is awaiting their reply.

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