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The Tropics Refuse To Give Up! Could We Have Tropical Storm Zeta Soon?

The tropics won’t calm down. Epsilon moves away from Bermuda today. There is another system in the Caribbean that have the potential of becoming a tropical storm in the next few days. The National Hurricane Center gives this system a medium (40%) chance of development over the next five days.

Models are having a tough time with this one in it’s early stages. Check over the weekend and see if there is more agreement on the track of this potential tropical storm. 

Intensity outputs are in agreement that this system will be a tropical storm over the weekend. None of the guidance have it as a hurricane yet. Either way, residents in Cuba, Florida, and the Bahamas need to pay attention to this system.

Tropical Storm Status In Two Days Or Less

If Tropical Storm Zeta forms it will tie the all-time record for the number of storms from 2005. Remember, Zeta didn’t form until December 30 of that year. Hurricane season officially runs to the end of November. We still have all of November to go and who says we can’t get anything after that. We’ll have to wait and see!

Zeta will tie the record for named storms (2005).

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