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Pregnant ESPN reporter fires back after ‘troll’ tries to body-shame her

(NEXSTAR) – ESPN’s Molly McGrath opened up on Instagram earlier this month in response to a tweet about her body that she says got to her after a long day.

“Last night I was on my feet for over 6 hours straight, in the rain, and knew that I would only get 3 hours of sleep because of a last second flight change,” the San Francisco native wrote. “For the first time, maybe ever, I let a cruel troll tweet about the changes of my pregnant body get to me.”

It’s not clear what was said, but the sideline reporter told Yahoo Life, “I have pretty thick skin … but this particular comment … made me angry.”

“I am making a HUMAN LIFE!” she said. “The baby I’m carrying around could live outside of my body right now, and my strong ass body made that baby from scratch.”

McGrath said she is already battling nausea, heartburn, swollen feet, constant back aches and exhaustion, along with a “slew of other symptoms,” but feels blessed to be doing a job she’s passionate about and wouldn’t change a thing.

“I am proud to be a pregnant woman working full-time and I am proud that the magnitude of creating a human life has not, and will not, slow me down,” she wrote. “Women are freaking incredible and powerful and anyone who doesn’t see that can kiss my big achey butt.”

The post has received thousands of likes, with one person commenting, “You are AMAZING.”

Another wrote, “YOU FREAKING ROCK!!!! So in awe of you my friend, that little one is so lucky to have you as a momma ❤❤

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