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News 19 ready to show you our new look

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – This is an exciting week for our team here at News 19. The finishing touches are being made to our new set. And we’re ready for the big reveal. But before we do, we look back at where we’ve been.

When Channel 19 first signed on the air in November of 1963, WHNT had the latest broadcast equipment to bring CBS programming and news into the homes of our viewers across the Tennessee Valley.

News 19 has changed with the times. As new technology was rolled out in the industry, we’d add it to our arsenal of news gathering tools.  We’ve seen a lot of people come and go in our almost 57 years. Faces and fashion aren’t what they were in the last century.

Employees like our first meteorologist H.D. Bagley and Mornin’ Folks host Grady Reeves paved the way for future broadcasters who would walk through the doors of WHNT to continue delivering a broadcast people could turn to and trust.

As time marches on, we’ve changed our look too. And I’m not just talking about hairstyles. We’ve torn down or donated and rebuilt several news sets in our studios. Steve Johnson and I have been through more than half a dozen during our 40 plus years here. And we’re about to get another.

I must admit, doing your last newscast on a set is kind of like saying goodbye to an old friend. But it’s also like trading in your old worn out vehicle for the latest model, one with fewer miles and with all the latest technology.

Each tear down and rebuild takes time. Gutting the studio is like doing a total remodeling of the inside of your home, from floor to ceiling. We know our temporary quarters leaves a lot to desire. But the wait is always worth the inconvenience.

Wednesday is the big day. We’ll debut the new 19 at 4:30 a.m. We’re excited and know you’re going to like what you see. Watch us for the new News 19, October 28th.

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