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Huntsville driver accidentally runs over alligator on Zierdt Road

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A Huntsville driver says he accidentally ran over an alligator on Zierdt Road Wednesday night.

Kevin Camery says he was driving home from work and spotted something on the road. He says it was raining and dark and by the time he spotted what he thought might be an alligator, it was too late to stop or swerve.

Camery says he lives nearby and went home first to make sure his car was okay before returning to the area to make sure what he hit was what he thought it was. Camery confirmed that he did indeed hit an alligator and says he thought it was dead and didn’t know what else to do from there.

So Camery snapped a few photos and went home without calling the police or Wildlife Management.

Where could this alligator have come from? And what should you do if you spot a wild animal?

We’ll have that information from officials with the Alabama Department of Conservation on News 19 at 9 on North Alabama’s CW and News 19 at 10.

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