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Local business offers candy with a kick

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Halloween is Saturday and you have probably been stocking up on the candy but maybe you want something different than the usual Halloween treats. One new local business in Huntsville is giving you the chance to try something out of the ordinary: Spicy sweets.

This isn’t exactly the candy you’d find on most store shelves. What the Yumshop offers is sugar… and spice.

The owner uses things like Chilerito Chamoy’, chili, and some lime to season the candy and it creates a whole new flavor.

Stephanie Cardenas is the creator and owner of Yumshop. She is adding spice to things like apples, Sour Patch Kids, Skittles and more. She also offers some savory snacks such as air fried chicharron. They are just like pork rinds but she does not fry them in grease, so they are a lighter snack.

Stephanie is originally from Mexico. She says she has been eating candy like this all her life. Now she loves sharing that with people here in North Alabama.

“For me it’s truly a gift,” Cardenas said. “I truly love my country and I really love America too. So combining those two worlds, it’s amazing and just having people try new things, it’s great.”

Yumshop is online-based and they offer delivery or pickup. In the future they hope to expand their menu and add funnel cakes and deep-fried Oreos. To order you can visit their Facebook or Instagram at Yumshop.hsv

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