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Madison County judge denies inmate’s request for release after brother’s jail death

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Madison County Circuit Judge Chris Comer denied a request from a teen capital murder suspect, Hasaan Erskine, to be released from jail on electronic monitoring.

Erskine’s attorney, Brian Clark, filed the motion for his release on October 13 citing concerns about a gang attack. This came after Erskine’s brother and co-defendant, Terran Burt, died following a fight in the Madison County Jail.

Judge Comer set a hearing for Oct. 20 in which Erskine, his mother and several others gave statements. Erskine said he wanted to be released to be with his mother, who is battling cancer, to help with his brother’s funeral arrangements.

After Burt’s death, Erskine was placed in protective custody. But, the 19-year-old told the judge that if his release was denied, he wanted to be sent back into the general population of the jail.

Comer’s order reads in part:

“The Court finds that the Sheriff has the discretion, authority, and expertise to determine where the Defendant is to be housed within the jail. The Court further trusts that the Sheriff will take appropriate measures to ensure the safe housing of the Defendant. All other requested relief is denied.”

Erskine and his brother, Terran Burt, were arrested on capital murder charges in 2018 in theĀ shooting death of Charity Fennell.

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