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We could know soon: ‘Overwhelming majority’ of Pennsylvania ballots expected to be counted Thursday

(NEXSTAR) – We should have a much clearer picture about where the presidential race is headed in Pennsylvania by the end of Thursday, according to the state’s top election official.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar went on CNN Thursday to discuss the vote count process and told host Jake Tapper we “definitely could” know the winner in Pennsylvania by the end of today.

“It’s looking like we’re ahead of schedule,” said Boockvar. “I’ve been saying that we’ll have the overwhelming majority counted by tomorrow, but it is looking like we’ll have the overwhelming majority counted by today.”

The local CBS station reports that Boockvar will provide a public update on the vote count at 5:15 Eastern Time.

The state is the biggest remaining prize on the Electoral College map, and could well prove decisive. President Donald Trump was leading after early tabulations there, but Joe Biden has closed the gap as hundreds of thousands of ballots have been tallied, many from blue-leaning urban areas.

Trump needs a victory in Pennsylvania to retain any path to the needed 270 electoral votes required for reelection to a second term. Biden could win without Pennsylvania’s 20 votes if he secures a combination of state wins elsewhere.

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