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Confederate flag removed from Marshall County Courthouse

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. — A Confederate flag flying at the Marshall County Courthouse has been removed.

In place of the Confederate flag, a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans said they put up a flag that was first presented to the Alabama Secession Convention in 1861. The flag features a rattlesnake coiled in a cotton plant with the words “Noli me tangere,” which is Latin for “touch me not.”

Sons of Confederate Veterans 1st Lt. Commander Joe Smith says the group will meet again Monday to discuss if or when they will put the Confederate flag back up.

The flag and a Confederate monument that also bears the same flag have been the subject of controversy in front of the courthouse in Albertville for months.

The removal of Confederate monuments from government property has been a hot topic since the deaths this year of Breonna Taylor in Louisville and George Floyd in Minneapolis.

A Confederate monument at the Madison County Courthouse in Huntsville was recently located to a cemetery.

The original version of the 1861 flag currently flying at the courthouse – sometimes referred to as the Republic of Alabama flag – flew over the Capitol in Montgomery for about a month before it was damaged by weather and removed, according to state archives.

Alabama’s current flag was adopted in 1895.

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