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Huntsville High Basketball kicks off with added COVID-19 safety measures

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville High School instituted a number of COVID-19 safety protocols Tuesday as it kicked off its home openers for its girls’ and boys’ basketball teams in front of hundreds of spectators.

Crowd capacity was reduced to 40 percent, and fans were required to wear masks and socially distance. The District also provided a number of hand sanitization stations and encouraged fans to book their tickets online.

“They have their masks on. You can see where people are trying to socially distance,” said parent April Smothers.

Throughout the night a number of fans chose to take their masks down or off. But frequent reminders from overhead speakers and security helped get most fans to comply with the safety measures once again.

“Plenty of places here to sit, way away from people so I’m good,” said one fan.

The Huntsville City School District is also reminding fans about one additional safety measure that will be going into place in the next few games. The District will be doing away with cash transactions for tickets and transitioning fully to an online system called GoFan.

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