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City of Florence releases guidelines on leaf collection

FLORENCE, Ala. — Now that fall is here and leaves are starting to collect on the ground, you may be getting ready to break out the rake and blower.

Before you start making leaf piles, the Florence Street Department wants you to be aware of a few guidelines.

Leaves should be raked into piles curbside, but not in the street or gutters because it can cause flooding and traffic issues.

Leaves should also be kept clear of obstacles like cars, trees, and mailboxes so the vacuum truck has clear access.

“We started collecting leaves the first of November and we’ll collect them really through May depending on — some people are late raking them up, but we’ll stay at it until we’ve got most of them up,” Street, Solid Waste, & Recycling Director David Koonce said. “We’ll be pretty hard at it until the middle of January.”

The city also asks that residents keep leaves from covering their water meters so readers can have access.

For more information on leaf collection, click here.

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