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Huntsville Fire and Rescue recruiting amid pandemic.

HUNTSVILLE Ala. – Huntsville Fire and Rescue is actively looking for new members to be part of the fire department. Although COVID-19 has made some things a little more difficult, recruiters say they are taking all the necessary precautions to keep new candidates safe.

Starting Monday, November 23rd, the recruitment process will be open to all eligible applicants. The department is looking to add another 20-25 members to their team.

Cory Green, a recruiter for Huntsville Fire and Rescue says the department has been doing a phenomenal job at keeping staff and applicants safe during the pandemic, “giving us the tools that we need to stay safe, also the equipment and PPE that we need to stay safe in order to tackle this all together.”

Hopeful applicants will go through a CPAT exam and then a written exam and after that a physical agility test. Should the candidate pass those three, they will then proceed to do a back ground check on the individual, interviews and Green said, “then a selected few will be picked to be part of the team.”

Green says that small modifications have been made, but they didn’t have to remove anything for actual course testing, “we had to reschedule certain training events, we also had to change different locations to something that’s more spaced out, nothing that we’ve actually taken out, but just little changes that we’ve made, like maybe change the location, and a different date to where we can get more people involved but still have our distances and wear the proper PPE.”

The department has done a great job at keeping positive COVID-19 numbers down within the facility, so adding more members wouldn’t be too much of a worry and a benefit, “we want more guys in the department just to kind of help out in those areas and spread the cause out a little bit.”

The department is taking the safety measures one step further with a how-to application process on Facebook live, Tuesday, November, 24, “to kind of let the guys know more in detail of what we’re doing and how to do the application process,” Green added. “If you’re a hard worker and see yourself making a difference in the community, definitely apply.”

The department’s website will be up by this weekend for applicants to apply.

Green closed by saying, “This isn’t just limited to men, we would love to see women come out and apply, we didn’t have any the last recruitment.”

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