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Non-profit raising money to build robotic garden to help homebound senior citizens

HUNTSVILLE, Ala – One non-profit is hoping to give back to another, as Mycelium starts fundraising to build a robotic garden for CASA, a non-profit that provides services for homebound seniors, like meal delivery.

Mycelium is a tech-based non-profit that helps build and share open source technologies that support sustainability.

They have already raised over $800 out of a goal of roughly $2,000. The robotic garden would seed, water, weed and harvest crops from above the garden beds. The technology itself is open source and would not require to much heavy lifting. However, when it’s built, this will likely be one of Huntsville’s first FarmBots.

“A robotic garden will make food production hyper-efficient. It will reduce the time and manual labor required. We also think it will inspire youth to get into agriculture by using technology,” said Ankur Shah, the Development Director of Mycelium.

The non-profit says North Alabama as a whole stands to benefit from sustainable, hyper-efficient gardening especially during a pandemic. Shah points to farmers being forced to throw away their crops while grocery store shelves were empty.

Mycelium hopes their project empowers CASA and others to take control of their own food production. The non-profit will continue fundraising into December.

To donate click here.

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