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Madison City Schools students to return to school on hybrid schedule

MADISON, Ala. — Madison City Schools students will start back after the Thanksgiving break on a hybrid schedule because of the rise of COVID-19 cases in the community.

The district said Tuesday that students would be split into two groups — Group A that will go to school Mondays and Tuesdays, and Group B that will go Thursdays and Fridays. The groups will be based on the students’ last names. Schools would be sanitized on Wednesdays.

The grouping will be set as follows:

  • First Class Pre-K – Group A is A-L and Group B is M-Z 
  • Columbia – Group A is A-K and Group B is L-Z
  • Heritage – Group A is A-K and Group B is L-Z
  • Horizon – Group A is A-K and Group B is L-Z
  • Madison – Group A is A-K and Group B is L-Z
  • Mill Creek – Group A is A-L and Group B is M-Z
  • Rainbow – Group A is A-J and Group B is K-Z
  • West Madison – Group A is A-K and Group B is L-Z
  • Discovery – Group A is A-K and Group B is L-Z
  • Liberty – Group A is A-K and Group B is L-Z
  • Bob Jones – Group A is A-K and Group B is L-Z
  • James Clemens – Group A is A-K and Group B is L-Z

The district said if there is a conflict in schedule among siblings, all siblings will attend on the day the oldest one is scheduled to go to school.

The change for school-based students does not affect students who are in the district’s virtual learning program.

The district said the rise of COVID-19 cases in Madison County caused so many staff absences that schools were nearly forced to go to all-virtual learning prior to the Thanksgiving week off. Officials said they hope the hybrid schedule will allow them to eventually return all students to school on a regular schedule before the winter break.

Families have until Nov. 30 to choose whether their child will learn virtually or attend school for classes. If no choice is made, the district said children will be automatically enrolled in school-based learning.

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