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Huntsville restaurant closed in March but is still serving up hope

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- They say when one door closes, another one opens and that has proven to be true for the owner of Cyn Shea’s Cafe in 2020.

Cyn Shea’s Cafe and Catering closed their doors in March because of COVID-19, but Cyn Shea’s Director Cynthia Hart says there was a blessing on the other end of disappointment.

Cynthia Hart and her team are “Serving Hope” to thousands of children across the Tennessee Valley every week.

“Wow, 2020 is no more unusual for anyone else than it is for us as well but we made a turn in March when the lord presented a new door for us to walk through,” says Cyn Shea’s Director Cynthia Hart.

Hart says the catering side of the business had been serving meals for local Boys & Girls Clubs, but with schools closing and the need increasing, she had to make a choice.

“There’s simply not enough room for all the groceries between the children’s meals and foods that we prepare for them every day to the publics choice of café cuisine and catering. There just had to be a decision made between what was the most important,” says Hart.

She says the decision to serve children in need was easy to make.

“Within one week that decision was easy for me to never look back. A percentage of those kids, the only meal they eat is the one we deliver,” says Hart.

She says, she closed to the public and now considers Cyn Shea’s new community role a blessing.

“I guess the moral of the story is no time to look back, no time to remorse because we are just celebrating and eternally grateful in this season for those blessings we’ve been shared upon and now can share forward thousands of times every day,” says Hart.

Hart says they quickly went from feeding 900 kids to feeding 2,200.

“Before the end of the second week of that pandemic we were already feeding 2,200 children we went from 900 to 2200 and continue to grow from there.”

Hart says they were feeding nearly 3,400 kids a day at one point over the summer and when she stops to think about the whirlwind of 2020, she can’t help but feel thankful.

“There’s no way to walk through Thanksgiving without understanding the blessings that we’ve been shared in my heart to continue to share them forward,” says Hart.

Cyn Shea’s Serving Hope provides food for children at Village of Promise, Girls Inc, YMCA, Huntsville Inner City Learning Center, and Boys & Girls Clubs across six counties.

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