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School districts in Madison County continue to struggle with rising COVID-19 cases

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Administrators are constantly making changes in schools based on public health data and the presence of the COVID-19 in school buildings. But are they the right adjustments?

We’ll let you decide. Here’s the most recent data:

The Madison County Schools system has more than 1400 people in quarantine, that’s students alone. Madison County students also make up 89 of the 127 individuals who have tested positive for the virus in the district as of Wednesday.

So far, the district has not made any plans to transition students to virtual learning after the Thanksgiving holiday.

In the city limits, Huntsville City Schools has sent more than 1500 people home to quarantine over the past 14 days. HCS is reporting 114 positive cases in that time frame.

The district recently announced after this week all of its high schools will return to staggered schedules, meaning groups of students will alternate the days they show up for in-person classes. That change does not affect any of the lower schools.

Three of the six high schools in the district currently have more than 100 people in quarantine.
Those schools make up 34 of the 114 confirmed COVID-19 cases. HCS, unlike Madison County and Madison City Schools does not specify whether the cases are in students or staff members.

And just down the road the Madison City Schools system has nearly 900 staff and students in quarantine. This after reporting 59 positive cases in the district, 36 of which are student cases.

Administrators are planning to implement staggered schedules for all students in the district following Thanksgiving break.

In the first 9 weeks of school for students across Madison County, it seemed all of the districts were on a level playing field. Months after the return to in-person learning, it’s safe to say COVID-19 has a steady presence in area schools. The numbers have only continued to increase over time.

Though there have been plenty of confirmed cases in the three districts, so far none of them have reported any deaths directly connected to area public schools.

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