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Lauderdale County High School students give back with 12 Days of Giving

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. — When it comes to acts of kindness, the students at Lauderdale County High School have a reputation.

Their abundance of good deeds and gestures during the holiday season are known as the 12 Days of Giving.

“12 Days of Giving is a school-wide project that we do to recognize different groups of people in our school and beyond our school, our county, and our community who may not get the recognition that they deserve, or maybe sometimes get a negative recognition. So, we want to honor those people who make things successful for us,” Principal Casey Tate said.

For Day Five Friday morning, Tate and a group of senior ambassadors surprised the secretaries, administrative assistants, and lead nurses with breakfast at the board of education central office.

Those on the receiving end were moved by the act of kindness. “That was so special,” Administrative Assistant Libby Johnson said. “2020 has really been rough and to see those students come in and bringing us a little cheer, it just really made it feel so special.”

The students have learned a valuable lesson in the art of selflessness. “It makes me feel good knowing that I can give back—just appreciative for everything they do for us,” Senior Skye Byrd said.

Because of the pandemic, Tate said at one point he questioned whether or not the event would be possible this year. “But immediately, I said we have to do this,” Tate said. This is to honor others; this is to give back to our school, our community, our people. I’m always, ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way,’ and we can make it work and so, we knew that we wanted this event to happen.”

And it will continue spreading a little light and joy with each passing day. Principal Tate said next week, the students will honor the school system’s custodial and transportation workers.

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